New update! Highlights, Power Calculator, Notes and more!

Sept Update PicToday’s free update includes the following:

Highlights lets you see critical information at a glance. Sensor size, dynamic range, maximum resolution and year released are all easily accessible.

New Specs include shutter type, internal ND filters, and price. Price fetches the current cost of the camera from B&H, and includes an affiliate link to the B&H website.

The Power Calculator is the simplest way to determine how many batteries you’ll need for a shoot, or how long your set of batteries will last you. After selecting your camera, you can enter a custom amount of watts for any additional accessories, like monitors, transmitters, etc.

Notes is a convenient place to store observations, opinions, or anything you want to write down about a camera. Maybe you want to remember your favorite picture profile, or what ISO you prefer to rate it at, or whether or not it has clean HDMI output— just tap the Notes icon at the bottom of any camera or format page to get started.

And of course, there’s new cameras and updates:

Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K is a redesign of the original Pocket, now a compact and even more capable camera. It adds features such as 4K, dual native ISO, external SSD recording, higher frame rates, and improved battery life. Like all Blackmagic cameras, it records raw and ProRes internally.

Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast is Blackmagic’s flagship broadcast camera, combining the body of an Ursa Mini Pro with a 2/3” sensor, live video capability and other ENG-style features. It’s compatible with accessories such as the Studio Viewfinder and Fiber Converter. Like all Blackmagic cameras, it records raw and ProRes internally.

Blackmagic Raw is the company’s new raw format, capable of high quality 12-bit log/16-bit linear recording at manageable file sizes, along with CPU/GPU acceleration and improved metadata support.

Sony FS5 II features minor updates to the FS5, including color science from the Sony Venice, HDR picture profiles, and improved high-speed frame rates. Like the FS5, raw support requires an external recorder.

Sony a7 III keeps the basic design and features of the a7/a7R II, while improving low light performance, dynamic range, battery life, and high-speed frame rates. It also adds S-log 3 and the ability to record proxies. It’s small size and light weight are advantageous when needed, but also a point of criticism for some in terms of usability.

Sony PDW-700 added a 2/3” 3-CCD sensor to Sony’s ENG camera line, offering 4:2:2 HD recording, along with other small improvements to the body design.

Sony F35 incorporated a Super35 sensor to Sony’s digital cinema line for the first time. It also introduced S-log recording and comes with a PL mount, an upgrade over the B4 mount on the previous flagship, the F23.

This version also includes updates to the Canon C200, Arri Amira, Sony Venice, and DJI Inspire 2. It also improves accuracy of ProRes calculations on Arri cameras and fixes LinearPCM calculations giving too high a result.


As always, I’d love to hear your ideas for new cameras and features! You can email me, or send me a message on Twitter or Facebook.

// Zak and the team at Gray Hour

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