New update! Highlights, Power Calculator, Notes and more!

Today’s free update includes the following: Highlights lets you see critical information at a glance. Sensor size, dynamic range, maximum resolution and year released are all easily accessible. New Specs include shutter type, internal ND filters, and price. Price fetches the current cost of the camera from B&H, and includes an affiliate link to the B&H website. The Power Calculator is the simplest way to determine how many batteries you’ll need for a shoot, or how long your set of batteries will last you. After selecting your camera, you can enter a custom amount of… Read More

New update! Alexa LF, Sony Venice, DJI drones and more!

Today’s free update includes the following: Arri Alexa LF brings large format cinematography to the Alexa series, with a larger sensor and a wider LPL lens mount. It also includes a new lens data system (LDS2). DJI Drones both consumer and professional are now in the app under the “Other” tab. The full list includes the Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 1 (X5 & X5R) and Inspire 2 (X4S, X5S, and X7). Panasonic GH5s augments the GH5 with a number of video-specific features, including dual native ISO and greatly improved low-light capability. It also offers… Read More