• Hexed

    Two degenerate witches navigate the daily struggles of adulthood with the aid of their sub-par magical abilities and talking pet penis.
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  • Smüchr

    Emily, a customer support rep for an online dating company, will make all the lonely people in America couple up like penguins – or she’ll die trying.
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  • The New Yorker

    Short films for The New Yorker, written by comedy duo Marina and Nicco.
    Now Streaming at newyorker.com

  • Frank & Lamar

    After years of being roommates, colleagues, and best friends, Frank & Lamar may have outgrown each other.
    Now Streaming at IFC.com

  • Virgil, The Sad Tour Guide

    Virgil, a depressed New York City tour guide, tries to navigate life’s ups and downs (mostly downs). Coming Soon

  • Small Doses

    Small Doses

    Jen struggles to find love in a world that considers ‘being single’ a serious medical condition.
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  • O, The Ennui

    An existential bromance. Adam and Gene’s desire for a snack leads them on an exploration of life, death and love.
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  • Marina and Nicco

    Marina & Nicco

    An ongoing sketch series featuring comedians Marina Tempelsman and Nicco Aeed.
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