New update! Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Canon C500 II, Sony FX9 and more!

Today’s free update includes the following:

Blackmagic Pocket Camera 6K features a Super35 sensor, a Canon EF mount, and 6K recording capability. Otherwise it shares the same features as the 4K model, including dual native ISO, external SSD recording via USB, higher frame rates, and improved battery life. Like all Blackmagic cameras, it records raw and ProRes internally.

Canon C500 Mk. II brings full-frame recording to Canon’s compact cinema line, and is also the first to offer internal raw recording. It also features electronic image stabilization, interchangeable lens mounts, and optional expansion units with additional I/O ports and battery plates.

Panasonic S1H is Panasonic’s first full-frame mirrorless camera designed specifically for filmmaking. It features a cooling system to mitigate overheating, a dual image stabilizer (when combined with a capable lens), and dual native ISO. It is criticized by some for poor autofocus and rolling shutter.

Sigma fp is the smallest and lightest pocketable full frame on the market. It is also one of the smallest cameras to offer raw recording internally, and includes video-centric features like waveform monitoring and custom gamma curve control. It can even be used as a director’s viewfinder, with built-in simulators for Arri and Red cameras.

Sony a6100, 6400 and 6600 carry many features from Sony’s high-end mirrorless line into an even more compact body, including 4K recording and S-log (except for the 6100 which lacks picture profiles). The 6100 and 6400 also lack a headphone jack. Their small size and light weight are advantageous when needed, but also a point of criticism for some in terms of usability.

Sony FX9 brings full-frame recording to Sony’s midrange camera line. It offers dual native ISO, new picture profiles with more filmic color science, fast autofocus, and stabilization metadata recording. It also features a 6K sensor, however recording is limited to 4K and HD. Raw support requires an external recorder.

Red Ranger Helium and Gemini are two sensor options previously unavailable on the Ranger system. Helium focuses on resolution (up to 8K) while Gemini emphasizes low-light performance. Unlike the Red DSMC2 line which focuses on modularity, the Ranger is an all-in-one design with I/O, power distribution and battery plate built in. Like all Red cameras, it primarily records to a proprietary raw format, but also offers ProRes/DNxHD recording at up to 4K.

This version also includes updates to the Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K, Sony Venice, and ZCam E2.


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// Zak and the team at Gray Hour

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