Version 4.0: New Design, New Features, and a New Pricing Model

Introducing version 4.0, a ground-up rewrite with a clean new design built for speed and ease of use. All New Design. In previous versions, looking up specs and then calculating footage size meant finding your camera in two different menus. Calculating battery capacity meant a third menu in a different part of the app. Now, when you select a camera it stays active across every tool, all of which now are in a unified, scrollable nav bar. Switching cameras, formats, and tools has never been faster. Transfer. Now a full-fledged tool in version 4,… Read More

New update! Blackmagic Pocket 6K, Canon C500 II, Sony FX9 and more!

Today’s free update includes the following: Blackmagic Pocket Camera 6K features a Super35 sensor, a Canon EF mount, and 6K recording capability. Otherwise it shares the same features as the 4K model, including dual native ISO, external SSD recording via USB, higher frame rates, and improved battery life. Like all Blackmagic cameras, it records raw and ProRes internally. Canon C500 Mk. II brings full-frame recording to Canon’s compact cinema line, and is also the first to offer internal raw recording. It also features electronic image stabilization, interchangeable lens mounts, and optional expansion units with… Read More

New update! Ursa Mini G2, Alexa Mini LF, Red Ranger and more!

Today’s free update includes the following: AJA Cion is AJA’s first and only cinema camera. The Cion features an ergonomic shoulder-mount design, global shutter, and ProRes recoding (or AJA Raw with an external recorder). It’s primary shortcoming is poor low-light performance. Arri Alexa Mini LF incorporates nearly all the features of the Alexa LF into the small and lightweight design of the Mini. In addition to the large format sensor, it features improved cooling, a 24V power option, and new Codex Compact Drives, compared to CFast 2.0 in the Super35 Mini. Blackmagic Ursa… Read More

New update! C700 FF, Red Dragon-X, Fuji XT-3 and more!

Today’s free update includes the following: Canon C700 FF adds a full-frame sensor to the C700. The C700 is Canon’s first cinema camera to adopt a shoulder-mount form factor, and includes operator-friendly improvements like a side LCD menu and an EVF. It records XF-AVC, ProRes, and Canon Raw (over SDI, or the dockable Codex recorder for higher frame rates). Canon 1DX Mk. II is the current flagship in Canon’s DSLR line. It inherits video features from the 1DC such as MJPEG recording, and offers improved slow motion capabilities and rolling shutter, but retains the… Read More

Killer Friends

Killer Friends

Two 20-somethings wake up to the zombie apocalypse. Can they survive on a few beers and a knowledge of pop culture?
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Gray Hour Media is open for business!

The producers behind Gray Hour Media have been working with film and video for over 5 years, and today we’re bringing those talents to you! We are a Brooklyn-based, independently owned, end-to-end production team that covers the spectrum of short films, features, web series, and commercials. From script to shoot, concept to edit, and color grading to delivery, we bring talent and a fresh perspective to every aspect of the process. Bring us in at any stage; whether you have a rough concept for a short film, or a full script, storyboard,… Read More