O, The Ennui

Adam and Gene are just two restless souls contemplating life’s biggest questions: Why are we here? Does life have meaning? What’s the perfect snack? Did you change your Netflix password? O, The Ennui is an existential bromance that follows the duo’s adventures in melancholy, as they search for the answers to the universe’s great mysteries… or something.

O, The Ennui was an official selection of the 2014 New York Television Festival, where it won a development deal with FremantleMedia/Tiny Riot!. It was also an official selection of the 2014 No Budget Film Festival.




Adam – Mark Millner
Gene – Sutton Dewey
Sarah – Margo Shields


Directed By: Fred Soligan
Written By: Mark Millner and Sutton Dewey
Director of Photography: Zak Ray
Gaffer: Katy Cecchetti
Assistant Director: Giovanni Colantonio
Production Sound Recordist: Sam Weiner
Editor: Fred Soligan
Visual Effects Artist and Colorist: Zak Ray
Original Music By: Duckspeak

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