Small Doses

Small Doses

Jen suffers from a terrible degenerative disease: chronic unloveability. After 6 years of loneliness, she’s is ready to find a cure… or at least a date. Created by Fred and Tami Soligan, Small Doses (Gray Hour’s first TV pilot) imagines a world where being single is seen as a medical condition. In order to fix her problem, Jen seeks the help of Dr. Pimbleton, a world renowned love doctor who’s determined to find a cure.

Small Doses’ pilot episode won Best Pilot at the 2014 LA Comedy Festival, and is an official selection of the 2014 New York Television Festival.


Jen/Jeff – Tami Soligan

Dr. Pimbleton– Dana Clinkman
Noel Pimbleton– Sutton Dewey
Jan– Michaela Lieberman
Proctologist– Carl Foreman Jr.
Not Jeff #1 – Zack Willis
Not Jeff #2 – Shawn Dugas
Not Jeff #3– Matt Klineman
Steve – Ryan Murray
Wall Street Couple – Shamira Clark and Chris Muckle
Fashionista Couple – Tyler Newhouse and Emily Fortunato
Hipster Couple -Meghan Magrath and Lisa Bettencourt
Bartender – Michael Zimmer


Created By: Fred Soligan and Tami Soligan
Written and Directed By: Fred Soligan
Producers: Mark Millner and Giovanni Colantonio
Associate Producer: Sutton Dewey
Director of Photography: Zak Ray
Gaffer: Katy Cecchetti
Editor: Fred Soligan
Production Designer: Georgi Gregori
Prop Master: Jack Samels
Sound Recordists: Dimitri Kouri, Kevin Corcoran, Max Arias and Dave Flamm
Re-Recording Mixer: Matt Rigby
Colorist: Zak Ray
Locations: Mike Zimmer, Donald Millner and Londel Davis
Script Consultants: Mike Zimmer, John Schneider, Ben Cohen, Marina Tempelsman, Niccolo Aeed

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